Indian Creek Sanctuary in the News

Charitable Fundraiser for the Indian Creek Llama Rescue Sanctuary

Graciously hosted by:
Smoky Mountain Llama Treks L.L.C, Sevierville, TN

Dates: May 31, July 10, Aug 22, Oct 19
Time: 11am-2pm
Price: $50.00. (extra donations appreciated)
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Take a country stroll with your own, fluffy pack llama! This easy, 2-mile hike will take you along a pretty, creek side trail, where we stop to let the llamas drink and wade. We continue on to a moss-covered, wooded path and stop for refreshments. Beverages included.

All proceeds of this charitable event will go directly towards the food, medical care and maintenance of the llamas at Indian Creek.

Blessing the Animals

Forest City Courier September 23, 2007

At last weekend's Spindale Festival, the activites included a ceremony honoring and blessing the county's domestic animals of all types and sizes including our household pets -- dogs, cats, horses, sheep, goats, llamas, pigs, birds, to name a few of the more common garden varieties.

Ifyou were not able to breing your animal to this service, we have included a blessing below written by a man who has devoted his life to the rescue and re-homing of many animals. It seems that all of the animals that humans have befriended find themselves at one time or another in need of a kind soul's assistance and of God's unbounded mercy. George Brandon, currently an active volunteer with Southeast Llama Rescue, has composed this prayer in honor of "all creatures great and small." His words are thoughtful, sensitive and compassionate and reflect his heartfelt connection to all of like as God has made it.

Oh Great Creator, we offer our thanks for the life that you have made. Help us to remember that all, from the mightiest of men to the smallest of the animals, were made by You and are treated by You with equal compassion. Give us a measure of that compassion.

Give us the wisdom and the knowledge to care for the sick, the hurt, or abused animals and give us the strength, at the end, to gently, and with respect, help each animal as it begins its journey to a green apsture, cool water, warm sun and whatever else You have prepared for the times to come.